Tarifa, a paradise to paddle by!

Posted by Fran├žois de Pfyffer on November 07, 2019 · 5 mins read

Tarifa is a well known destination for wind and water sports, attracting thousands of international guests every year, who come to enjoy a wide variety of sports, equipment and disciplines.

Even if it is best known for the frequent winds, Tarifa is having many days yearly with perfect conditions for Stand Up Paddling and is admittedly one of the best spots of Spain and Europe to enjoy our favourite water sport.

At Straits Stand Up Paddling Tarifa we take great pride to be one of the first and most experienced stand up paddle tours operators in the coast of Cadiz and we love to show our spot to friends and visitors while riding the best equipment in the safest conditions.

We teach the basics of the sport but also run classes for intermediate and experienced riders.

We also organise SUP excursions around Tarifa, taking you and your group to some of the most amazing locations and beaches of Andalusia. Our excursions are known to bring paddlers to special spots, that one would have a difficult time finding on their own.

Either on rivers,lakes,flat sea or waves, riding with us, you will get to some really exciting locations where we guarantee you a great day in nature.

All our staff are long term residents of the area and we know particularly well the local conditions and the weather of the Strait. With us you can be sure that you will paddle at the right place at the right time. Safety and maximum enjoyment is what we promise to our riders all through out the day,leaving the level of progress up to you!

We always like to teach and share tips for better stand up paddling ,our excursions are not only good sight seeing but also a great opportunity for new learning and practise new skills.

It is you who decides the right pace and level of difficulty for yourself and your fellow stand up paddlers,our tour leader will make sure that the conditions are perfect for that day and your group!

For days with more wind we offer down winders,excursions along the coast when we paddle using the force of the wind as well as our muscles.

We start at one point of the coast and we end up some nautical miles further down where the escort vehicle of our team is waiting to bring us to the after paddle spot of your choice.

Down winders add an extra element to stand up paddling, as we use the playful force of the wind, currents and waves to ride faster and more technical. It is a perfect opportunity to not only visit our favourite parts of the coastline but also have a more challenging and enjoyable stand up paddling experience.

If catching waves is your favourite stand up paddling discipline ,our down winders are an excellent option to get to the good wave spots. We know where to bring riders of all levels. Whether it is your first attempts to surf or you are used riding big waves, we will bring you with the help of the wind to an aquatic playground of your dreams.

Ride longer,paddle easier,learn more and play with the elements, with us you can be sure to get the best down winder trip around Tarifa. Our stand up paddle tours,either a stand up paddle excursion , a stand up paddling downwind or a day of stand up paddle tuition will make you a better rider ,richer in experience!

When you are planing to rent paddle boards in Tarifa, we have the best selection of stand up paddle boards for your taste and needs. Paddle boarding or paddle surfing in Tarifa, inflatable or solid boards, we keep a good selection of high standard material for all ages and sizes.

Our team at Straits SUP is always waiting for you and your group to share an unforgettable experience with our favourite elements of nature.

Contact us to plan an excursion, inquire about the winds and waves, ask us what the day have to offer and where we can enjoy stand up paddling in Tarifa in safety and optimal conditions, book some lessons or check our rental gear. Our staff is waiting to boost your stand up paddling experience and share with you the beauty of our place.