Some Important Stand Up Paddling Tips

stand up paddle technique

Tarifa is one of the best places to indulge in a stand up paddling experience. This amazing water sport is widely undertaken on the beautiful beaches of Tarifa, where thousands of tourists from across the world come over to learn Tarifa paddle surfing.

There are plenty of Tarifa stand up paddle tuitions for those who want to master the Tarifa paddle board technique. These tuitions offer an array of Tarifa stand up paddle courses- from beginner courses to advanced Tarifa downwind stand up paddling courses. You can enroll for the one that suits your requirements.

Here, we have listed some important tips that you should observe while you take Tarifa paddle board lessons. Whether you are an experience pro or a first time racer, these tips will help you easily master the skill of Tarifa paddle boarding.

  • In order to reach out to the front, push your lower shoulder to the front and upper should to the back.
  • While paddling, try to use your entire upper body to push the paddle blade deep into the water. The harder you push, the more effective your stroke will be.
  • While pulling the paddle out, turn the angle to the side i.e. 90 degree turn towards the board. This will help to decrease water resistance and take out the paddle with ease.
  • Generally, most beginners make a mistake of bringing the paddle to the front in a wide, circular motion. Avoid this to not lose your speed and momentum while paddling. Also, do not bend your bottom arm through the stroke.
  • Try to be quick while changing sides.
  • At the end of each stroke, take a short break before you throw the paddle in the front again. This will help you go faster for longer.

Once you learn the technique of stand up paddling, you can undertake several Tarifa stand up paddle tours. In Tarifa, inflatable paddle boards are easily available on rent. If you are confident about the sport, you can even go for downwind stand up paddle excursions under the able guidance of trained professionals at SupTarifa. It is one of the best stand up paddling companies in Tarifa, offering great stand up paddling experiences.

Enroll with the Tarifa Stand up Paddle Courses to Become an Expert at Stand up Paddling

Stand up Paddle (SUP) boarding is a quickly emerging global sport that combines fun, adventure and thrill. Its popularity dates back to the early 60s, when this exciting sport was widely practiced in Hawaii. Stand up paddling in Tarifa has become hugely popular among the tourists. You can come across more and more SUPers enjoying the serene and calm waters of Tarifa beaches.

Stand up paddling is a great sport for almost everyone, whether you want to go SUP racing, go on a Tarifa stand up paddle excursion with your mates or just paddle some meters out of fun. Although it may seem effortless, the sport requires methodical practice and proper training under expert trainers.

There are a plenty of Tarifa stand up paddle tuitions offering expert Tarifa stand up paddle courses. These courses are great for all levels. There are beginner courses for people who have never stood on a board in their life and advanced Tarifa downwind stand up paddling courses for people looking for new ways to catch waves. Most of the reputed stand up paddle tuitions offer Tarifa inflatable paddle boards on rent as well.

Tarifa Stand up Paddle Course Curriculum


The beginner stand up paddling course includes:
• Introduction to Paddle boarding
• Equipment, meteorology and surf spot knowledge
• Tarifa paddle surfing technique
• Balancing on the board/ how to stand up
• Basic paddle turn


For those who want to experience fun in the rough seas, opting for Tarifa advanced paddle board lessons is a great choice. The course includes:

• Complete knowledge about weather conditions and safety
• Controlling board direction
• Front side turn
• Back side turn
• Surfing waves

Tarifa Stand up Paddle Courses are not advised for:

• Children below 6 years
• People who cannot swim
• People with health issues

Once you become an expert at stand up paddling, you can undertake a plethora of Tarifa stand up paddle tours. You can also embark on the exhilarating Tarifa downwind paddle boarding to have a memorable experience.

SupTarifa is one of the best places in Tarifa to learn stand up paddling. Our expert team of professionals specialize in offering comprehensive Tarifa paddle boarding courses as well as training in downwind paddling adventures.

The Nuances of Stand-Up Paddling

Do you love to glide over water and sometimes fly as well? Does the adventure sport give you the kick of adrenaline which truly pushes you and helps you enjoy to the hilt? If you have just nodded your head in approval, you need to know about some of the best stand up paddling courses.

The Best of Tarifa Stand Up Paddle Tuition

In Tarifa, there is a lot of demand for paddling. This is why you will find a great deal of Tarifa stand up paddle courses here. You need to understand the details of the kind of paddling you want to learn first.

We recommend going through the Tarifa stand up board technique course first as this will give you the head start into how to start it off. Once you have done this you can choose Tarifa advanced paddle board lessons as well and you can then enjoy your water sports.

The Basic Tuition

For beginners we offer the basic SUP tuition which is carried out either on a river or a calm sea. This is important because as a novice, you first need to be acquainted with a lot of details before you can set free on the untamed waves of the wild sea.

In this course, we familiarize you with the nuances of safety, paddle technique, towing, steering and posture as well. When you have learned these important lessons, it sets the foundation for you to take part in different Tarifa stand up paddle excursions as well.

The Tarifa Down Wind Stand Up Paddling

If you are a fan of the downwind stand up paddling, we recommend checking out our Tarifa down wind stand up paddling course as well. Here, we teach you acceleration, bumping and even how to turn up the wind and lose paddle as well. With the right techniques of paddling up the wind, you can truly become a pro and romance the waves just the way you want.

So, check out the details of the different courses offered and then you can even participate in the tours and excursions which are carried out from time to time. Each of these tours is very promising and it will help you have the time of your life.

A word of caution here is that you should make sure that you are thoroughly proficient in the art of stand up paddling before trying too many things in the sea because sometimes it becomes one trick too many!